As CHAMPION products always consider environmental, we believed that corporate must integrate environmental concerns in their business operations and interact with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis. In order to achieve the sense of environmentally responsible, we continually update our practices in light of technology advance in our dishwashers, improvement of our chemicals formula and education to our employees to ensure hygiene comes with environmentally friendly products and services, to provide our customers at continues manner.

Environmental Concept

CHAMPION always consider environmental and integrate in our business operations. To achieve the hygiene standard and environmental benefits with our customers.

  1. CHAMPION Dishwasher design with temperature keeping technology, piping design, low water consumption, with strong water power and anti-clog nozzle to achieve low water consumption.
  2. Adopt environmental material and ingredients, reduce pollution an non-corrosive.
  3. By applying with various professional dispensers, accurate concentration, ensure stable cleaning result and reduce wastage of chemicals.
  4. Low solute Ooygen microorganism technology, moderate and effective, reduce harmful emission.
  5. Adopt biodegradable components, reduce damage to the environment.
  6. Provide concentrated formula for selection, reduce usage of container and transportation, and encourage to use reusable material containers.