Hygiene Consultation Service

Hygiene Consultant Team with CIEH Food Safety Qualifications

CHAMPION’s hygiene consultant team have all acquired the Food Safety in Catering Qualification from Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. We are equipped with all-rounded knowledge of food safety so we are confident to handle the hygiene of your business.

Regular Preventative Service

CHAMPION hygiene consultant team visit various restaurants and provide prevention service every day. Throughout our examination, you will receive a service report of which reports the result of crockery, dishwasher and environmental hygiene inspection. Besides of your ware-washing result, we also concern about your environment. By providing recommendations, you are assured to have a comprehensive hygiene solution.

Ware-washing Evaluation Service

We use professional validation tools to check the ware-washing status in every restaurant. Hygiene Consultants will examine the root cause of problems such as alkaline residue and starch stain etc, and provide solution promptly.

User Training Service

Dishwasher and detergents are just tools, whereas the users are the main factor affecting the degree of hygiene. CHAMPION commits to provide top notch service, and will offer user training for every restaurant. We will share our expertise and professional advice to you, from the proper use of dishwasher, washing procedure to environmental cleaning.

Train the Trainer & Management Service

The cleanliness of tableware is not the only consideration for management, but as well as washing efficiency, management of operation, employee and food safety. CHAMPION provides management training and CEO reports for managers, assuring you a comprehensive service for every single restaurant.