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Co-organise Automatic Kitchen Technology Visit

Present the change of Automatic Warewashing to F&B Sector pariticipants, from manual washing, optimization of dishwasher to dishwashing factory, as well as the concept of "Comprehensive Cost of warewashing"


Develop Automation and Sustainability on top of Hygiene

Organised by Hong Kong Federation of Restaurant & Related Trades Limited, Executed by HKPC, Co-organised by Champion for providing venue and presentation of Commercial Dishwasher.


Commercial Dishwashers, including the latest developed model Heat Recovery Dishwasher, are presented to participants after the talk. Nowadays, the trend of automation in dishwasher is how to enhance the saving ability, instead of the machinery efficiency due to the mature development of dishwasher technology. And Heat Recovery Dishwasher is one of the notable example.


CHAMPION introduce the latest model of energy-saving dishwasher - Heat Recovery Dishwasher


We visit dishwashing factory to get a glance of the actual operation.

In aims of fulfilling the market demand, adopting CHAMPION Flight Type Dishwasher is designed to achieve highest washing efficiency.


We visit a dishwashing factory, one of our customers, afterward


The video of this technology visit will be uploaded to the website of Hong Kong Federation of Restaurant & Related Trades Limited on August.



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