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Restaurant & Bar Exhibition 2016

This is the fifth time for CHAMPION participating Restaurant & Bar Exhibition as an exhibitor. In this exhibition, we are proud to launch three things which are hugely beneficial to F&B sectors - Patented Dishwasher, Latest Standard of Energy-saving Dishwasher, Installment Plan for dishwasher.



Exhibition Date and Venue

Date          :    6 to 8th September ,2016

Venue       :    HKCEC Hall 5

Booth No. :    GB-13




(1)The First PATENTED Dishwasher in Hong Kong


CHAMPION successfully applied for a heat recovery dishwasher patent in Hong Kong Intellectual Property Office this year, with the patent number HK1214910. By adding a heat recovery system to the conveyor type dishwasher, it allows heat-recovery from the inside of the machine and, thus, to pre-heat the water-in to 47 to 57 degrees Celsius, which is totally free, and achieve an energy saving of 48%. CHAMPION is the first party applying such technology in commercial dishwasher and becoming the industry leader.


Details of AS-44B(G) Heat Recovery Conveyor Type Dishwasher



(2) The Latest Standard for Energy-saving Dishwasher


The washing area in Hong Kong and Macao restaurant is generally limited by size and power supply.  CHAMPION improves the efficiency of Door-type dishwasher by not only to retain its washing performance, but also to reduce power demand by 50%, 36% of electricity consumption and 67% of water consumption, which has been proved by third-party. Restaurants not only save about 6,480 kWh per year, you can acquire additional 15Amp for other kitchen equipments. CHAMPION believes the above criteria can re-define the latest ware-washing standards.


Details of AS-100 Door Type Dishwasher



(3) Energy-saving Installment Program


We hope that the restaurant industry will be able to be beneficial as soon as possible, as well as the concept of energy-saving ware-washing covering all areas in Hong Kong. Thus we launch "energy-saving installment program" during the exhibition. Restaurants are actually required a very limited investment for such program. Let's cite AS-100 as an example, it only costs $600 with $700 saving per month, which means restaurants can even earn $100. The benefit is much favourable in AS-44B(G) case. benefits. For more inquiries, please click "Contact Us" in the upper right corner.


(Limit to Hong Kong & Macau)