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CHAMPION Utensils Cleaning Combo Dual-Pleasure on Energy-Saving and Compact

This is the seventh time for CHAMPION participating Restaurant & Bar Exhibition as an exhibitor. In this exhibition, we are proud to present the latest energy-saving door type dishwasher – AS-100(plus), compact size of under-counter glasswasher – AS-40 and introduce the benefit and offer of two dishwasher combination. Furthermore, Champion will offer exhibition discount offer for restaurant cleaning detergent.


Exhibition Date and Venue

Date      :    4 to 6th September,2018

Venue      :   HKCEC Hall 5

Booth No.  :    GF-11


In general speaking, 1+1 is equal to 2; however, in Champion over 20 years of sanitizing and hygiene experience, 1+1 is equal to more comprehensive cleaning utensils solution.


Advantage of 1+1 cleaning

  • Cleaning Separation ---->Reduce Utensils purchasing cost
  • Improve efficiency ---->Wash anytime without waiting
  • Provide best Cleaning Effect ----> Separate to clean glass and plates in order to reduce oil pollution
  • No extra cost ---->AS-100 (plus) energy saving ≥ AS-40 expense


AS-100 (Plus) Energy Saving Door-Type dishwasher


AS-40 Under counter Glass-washer


We hope that the restaurant industry will be able to be beneficial as soon as possible, as well as the concept of energy-saving ware-washing covering all areas in Hong Kong and also earn the money from adopting energy-saving. Thus we launch "1+1 combo plan” during the exhibition, for details please visit our booth. For more inquiries, please click "Contact Us" in the upper right corner.


 (“1+1 combo plan”Limit to Hong Kong and Macau)


CHAMPION also announce the highly anticipated discount in R&B 2018, 3 detergents specialize for restaurant use.


Furthermore, CHAMPION hope the restaurant industry will be able to enjoy using environmental friendly and recognition detergent provided by HACCP, we offer discount on 3 detergents specialize for restaurant use in Restaurant and Bar 2018.


Detergent Specific for Restaurant

  • 222 POWER DIP PLUS Highly Effective Oxygenic Stain Remover (with Low Temp.)
  • 293 MC-93 Super Concentrated Multi-Purposes Cleaner
  • 268 GREASE MASTER Concentrated Oven Cleaner and Heavy Duty Degreaser

If you have any enquiry, don’t hesitate to contact us via or dial 2475 9875. 


Interest parties may also visit Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong official website for visitor pre-registration.