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CHAMPION E-SHOP Online All-round anti-epidemic at home

Since our inception in 1994, CHAMPION is the leading in the industry to continuously offer innovative commercial dishwasher, detergent, and environmental hygiene solutions. We have been providing a series of energy-saving dishwasher, all around series of sanitizer and disinfection products, environmental biotechnology products, and provide all around sanitizing solution to our customers.


As the manufacturer of cleaning detergent industry, we have provided household disinfection products during outbreak of COVID-19. And now we are announced to enter household market and establish an online shopping platform – CHAPION E-SHOP, providing you with various versatile disinfectants.


CHAMPION household cleaning products Features:

  1. Designated dilution pack for household use which is user-friendly and helps to reduce the use of plastic bottles
  2. Concentrated formula for reduction of packaging and delivery cost with affordable price to achieve better epidemic prevention
  3. Products are formulated according to the standard of international hygienic organizations which are safe to use


CHAMPION E-SHOP are owned and operated by CHAMPION group. CHAMPION E-SHOP is an online shopping platform with multiple choices of quality household disinfectants and cleaners. You can buy your favourite products in anytime, anywhere Your payment is made through our certified payment platform which ensure the safety and convenience. Saving your waiting time, you can choose your preferred delivery time.


We are dedicated to offering you impeccable online shopping experience and we will showcase various cleaning products to fulfill household needs. You are welcome to share your purchase experience through this platform because we treasure your opinions and comments.


CHAMPION E-SHOP Online Shopping Platform