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Join us at HOFEX 2021 to Light Up the Green Life

CHAMPION proudly announced its grand presence on HOFEX 2021 from 7 to 9 September Hall 5 (Booth no. 5E-800) in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, presenting our fruitful development of the year.


“Light Up the Green Life”, the theme of the exhibition, will showcase our brand new door type dishwasher AS-100 (HeatPLUS) for its first time and four new business scopes of CHAMPION: Ware Washing, Cleaning and Sanitation, Indoor Air Quality and Water Treatment, catering all of your hygiene concerns.


AS-100 (HeatPLUS) Energy Saving
Door Type Dishwasher (Heat Recovery)__________________________


CHAMPION takes its first steps in adopting patented heat recovery technology (Patent no. HK1214910) into door type dishwashers, recycling the heat generated from dishwashers which saves energy. Water temperature preheated by the system will be increased up to 60ºC, substantially reducing the energy of heating up tap water, hence, 70% of the energy can be saved. The energy efficiency of AS-100 (HeatPLUS) is incomparable with the traditional ones. A real model will be shown on the exhibition for experience.



AS-44B (G) Single Tank
Conveyor Type Dishwasher (Heat Recovery) 


Another exhibit will be AS-44B (G), the first patented dishwasher in Hong Kong. With the application of the same heat recovery technology, the energy can be saved up to 48% which is suitable for high volume of tableware. The temperature of working environment and humidity will be improved. It is also the winner of Hong Kong Awards for Industries – Equipment and Machinery Design Award.



Indoor Air Quality _______________________________________________


In facing the challenges of virus, airborne transmission is another major issue that cannot be overlooked in addition to environmental hygiene. CHAMPION as the sole agent of aeris, the Swiss air purifier, cordially invites you to experience the real air purification. A live demonstration will be presented to show you the ultimate purification.






Reserve now for Professional Consultation _______________________________________________


Apart from the above highlights, there are more advanced sanitation and disinfection products to be provided, providing you the comprehensive hygiene consultation.



Reserve now via email for private tour and consultation. Don’t forget to register on HOFEX 2021 to join the event!



Booth No.



Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre 


7 – 9 September, 2021

Opening Hours


10:30 – 18:30



10:30 – 17:00