Flight Type Dishwasher Series
Excellent Design
  • Washing proposal and on site consultation provided by professional consultants team in order to custom design models
  • Flight type combination allow to suit with different specific needs on different business type, such as dishwasher, washing baskets, wash tank, heightening and widening, etc.
  • Leading technology of drying in the industry, result in a comprehensive drying enhancement
  • Reduce water and energy consumption by infrared sensors automatic energy saving system which can activates rinse, pump and dryer functions
  • Surround rinse arms assure 360° coverage and comprehensive sanitizing result
Recommended Users
Recommended for large scale of catering industry and food manufactory, washing industry, etc.
Technical Specifications
  • Standard Machine Width
    914 mm
  • Standard Conveyor Width
    612 mm
  • Standard Loading Height
    450 mm
  • Conveyor Speed
    1.6 m / min - 3.0 m / min
  • Max. Water Flow
    360 L / hr
  • Auto Machine Sensor

Technical Specifications