AWARDED and Patented
Heat Recovery Dishwasher

Defining the Latest Standard of Energy-Saving Dishwasher

Comparing with traditional model

First Patented Heat Recovery System in HK

Saving energy by reusing this steam

By self-developed heat recovery system to pre-heat the water-in temperature by reusing the steam created from the rinsing process inside the dishwasher. By heat conversion, water temperature can be raised from 25C to 47-57C. We can transform waste into your revenue and even improve the working environment.

Conveyor Design

Improve the speed of ware transferring and washing efficiency

Adopt Dual Thermostat Technology

Conciser and Save more energy

By comparing with traditional heater, it has an advanced stabilization for rinsing temperature, to ensure disinfection and effective energy-saving.

Much comfortable working environment

For the sake of your employees

As steam is lost from entrance and exit for traditional conveyor type dishwashers, it would create a higher indoor temperature in the washing zone which your employees are confronting everyday. By using heat recovery system, the leakage of steam will be reduced significantly and even a decrease in indoor temperature.

Recessed nozzle design

Anti-clogging with enhancement on cleaning capability and expansion on spray washing scope

Adopt SUS 304 1.5mm stainless steel

Maintaining high durability and stability in moisture environmentwith high temperature

Comprehensive Solution

Detergents specialized for dishwasher

Champion is also a detergent manufacturer. We provide detergents and drying agents specialized for dishwasher use. Together with Hygiene Consultation Service advising the usage amount, the most suitable product and service solution is ready for you.


Making warewashing easier than it's ever been

After cooperating with the industry for years, we understand the importance of Partner-like Collaboration. That’s why we are not just selling dishwasher, but providing comprehensive service in aims of smoothing your business. From washing zone design, cleaning procedure design, dishwasher installation, regular service visits to manufacturer maintenance service, we ensure your business operation simple, smooth and effective.

Other Series

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Undercounter Type
Seat No.
Reserved less spacing with light and handy glasswasher size
Energy Saving Door Type Dishwasher
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Energy-saving design with the ability of reducing 50% of power requirement and 52% of electricitiy consumption
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Suitable for
ware-washing and food factory
Washing proposal and on site consultation provided by professional consultants team in order to custom design models