Energy Saving Door Type Dishwasher
(Heat Recovery)

Embark on Energy-Saving Journey

Water-saving in REAL
Save more than 4,300 Ltr of water annually
CHAMPION has successfully developed a true water-saving dishwasher without sacrificing the washing quality. The water usage for AS-100(HeatPLUS) is only 1 Liter of water per rack, which save 67% comparing with traditional models. Annual saving can be more than 4,300 liters of water, based on the maximum machine capacity for 6 hour operation time per day.

First 15Amp Power Supply Dishwasher

You can enjoy installing extra kitchenware

We notice some small-size restaurants are unable to use dishwasher due to the power supply restriction of their site. Inducing us to develop a new dishwasher can be available to all kinds of restaurants, regardless the restrictions, and it is AS-100(HeatPLUS) which only requiring 15 Amp. Even for medium-large size restaurant can enjoy the extra 15Amp to install extra kitchenware and hence increase the kitchen efficiency.

Door Type Design

Suitable for small-medium restaurants all things can be done by push-and-load

Panel on Top Design

Simple Operation, Avoid Malfunction

With just pressing the power button, choosing one washing time, opening the door and pushing racks into the machine, the washing procedure will be performed automatically. The whole operation is easy of which can be controlled by any person with ease. Control panel and overload protection are located on the top of the machine, thus minimizing the risk of machine malfunction and any danger due to the contact of water.

Recessed nozzle design

Anti-clogging with enhancement on cleaning capability and expansion on spray washing scope

Adopt SUS 304 1.5mm stainless steel

Maintaining high durability and stability in moisture environmentwith high temperature

Comprehensive Solution

Detergents specialized for dishwasher

Champion is also a detergent manufacturer. We provide detergents and drying agents specialized for dishwasher use. Together with Hygiene Consultation Service advising the usage amount, the most suitable product and service solution is ready for you.


Making warewashing easier than it's ever been

After cooperating with the industry for years, we understand the importance of Partner-like Collaboration. That’s why we are not just selling dishwasher, but providing comprehensive service in aims of smoothing your busi- ness. From washing zone design, cleaning procedure design, dishwasher installation, regular service visits to manufacturer maintenance service, we ensure your business operation simple, smooth and effective.

Other Series

Dishwasher Manufacturer
Undercounter Type
Seat No.
Reserved less spacing with light and handy glasswasher size
Single Tank Conveyor Type Dishwasher
(Heat Recovery)
Seat No.
Adopt patented Heat recovery system Saving up to 62% of energy consumption
Flight Type
Suitable for
ware-washing and food factory
Washing proposal and on site consultation provided by professional consultants team in order to custom design models